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VIVOS Child Guide To Prevent Sleep Apnea

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VIVOS Child Guide To Prevent Sleep Apnea

If your child has crooked or crowded teeth or has a hard time sleeping at night, they could be at risk of suffering from sleep apnea when they are fully grown. Sleep apnea is where breathing can become hard when one is sleeping because they have a small airway. Small airways are a result of one’s jaws not growing properly during childhood.

There are many reasons why one’s jaw wouldn’t grow properly that include:

  • Thumbsucking
  • Bottle feeding for a long time
  • Illness or even allergies that clog or block the airway for some time
  • A diet of soft foods

.Even though some jaws don’t naturally grow as they should, doesn’t mean that it is inevitable that one could develop sleep apnea. With the new VIVOS system, it has been made possible that your general dentist can work with you and your child in stopping sleep apnea before it becomes a lifelong issue to deal with.

VIVOS Systems DNA Appliance

To fix sleep apnea and prevent it, VIVOS has developed a non-surgical way to help deal with the underdevelopment of the jaws. In this effort to fight sleep apnea the DNA (daytime nighttime appliance) appliance was created. This DNA appliance is created and given to you by your dentist that physically helps your child’s jaws grow properly.

DNA Appliance

A small retainer-like piece that your child wears during the evening and night for 12-24 months
During 12-24 months the appliance applies a small amount of pressure to child’s jaws to help them grow fully
Not only does this appliance help prevent sleep apnea by opening and expanding the palettes in the mouth, but it also helps with the general facial structure and could be an alternative to braces.

Here at Timberline Family Dentistry, we provide the best and most up-to-date ways for you and your entire family to keep your mouth safe and healthy. If your child is showing signs of a blocked airway with crowded or crooked teeth we advise to come in and get a consultation to see whether they would benefit from the VIVOS system!!