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Single Visit CEREC® Dentistry

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Single Visit CEREC® Dentistry

Restorative dentistry just got faster and easier with the CEREC® Omnicam. This small intraoral scanner can retrieve quick full 3D images of the oral cavity, helping dentists with diagnosing problems and creating pieces such as crowns, bridges, and more to help restore your smile. With this high-end intraoral scanner, here at Timberline Family Dentistry, we are providing our patients with the most up to date technology to make your dental experience faster and more comfortable.

All-Around Benefits

Minimally Invasive

Traditional ways of obtaining standard impressions needed to create permanent restorations, include holding a tray with a paste-like mixture on your teeth until it hardens. This process can be scary to some and uncomfortable, but with a quick scan of your mouth using the CEREC® Omniscan, the 3D model is available for use instantly

Learning Opportunities

With the CEREC® Omnicam giving a precise image for dentist and patient to view, it has created opportunities for dentists to teach patients why they need certain procedures and how to avoid future problems

We believe that it is important for you to be educated through every step of your dental journey. Precise images given by the CEREC® intraoral scanner helps simplify complicated procedures for anyone to understand

Speed and Accuracy

In creating the 3D model or the “impression” of your teeth, no matter how fast the scan is performed a very detailed image will appear

Digital technology has made the process of creating restorative dental pieces better and more precise than ever before

CEREC® Omnicam has made it possible to complete dental procedures within one visit minimizing the need for temporary replacements and other fitting appointments


Because of the scanners’ ability to distribute a full model of your mouth, the dentist will be able to get a closer look at areas that could cause future problems. With this knowledge, you can take measures necessary to prevent future problems

If you need any form of restorative dentistry and would like to learn more about the options that we have for you, please give us a call! Take advantage of the CEREC® Omnicam scanners detailed 3D images that allow us to help strengthen your teeth in just one visit!