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At Timberline Family Dentistry, we understand how busy you are and how valuable your time is. Limited time and lengthy visits to enhance your smile are not always feasible. Call us to schedule your appointment today at 303-646-3940.

Staining and discoloration are a normal part of the wear and tear of your teeth. Enamel is the outer covering of the tooth. Fun factoid: Enamel is the most robust tissue in the human body. However, though translucent on the tooth, enamel allows the dentin to show through, and its color varies.

Enamel discoloration can be hereditary. But, there are many other reasons why your once-pearly whites are starting to dull. Foods, drinks such as coffee, tea, soda, wine, smoking, and aging can all cause your teeth to discolor.

The great news is you don’t have to live with less-than-perfect teeth. At Timberline Family Dentistry, Drs. Goodman and Young custom make a take-home tray system for you to use. This method of professional teeth whitening is a popular option for those on the go.

Why choose professional teeth whitening systems over the more commercialized whitening products? Because the results speak for themselves.

Commercial At-Home Teeth Whitening Products

● Whitening toothpaste – Most of us have this in our homes. These kinds of toothpaste typically incorporate a very mild abrasive agent to aid in polishing our teeth. Chemicals like peroxide are combined to dissolve everyday surface stains.
● Whitening strips – These often contain a chemical called chlorine dioxide. If you feel like you have heard of this, you have. It is a common chemical agent used to disinfect swimming pools. Due to its chemical nature, it eats away at the surface of your enamel. A big no-no.
● Whitening rinses – Patients can use these bleaching rinses in conjunction with our professional teeth whitening tray system. They contain hydrogen peroxide, which aids in removing surface stains.
● Whitening tray – We do not recommend over-the-counter whitening trays. These are ill-fitting and will not provide the type of professional whitening you desire. An ill-fitting tray will cause the product to leak and is likely to cause gum irritation.
● Whitening pens – These pens apply a bleaching layer to the enamel of your teeth. These do not have lasting results.

No peroxide whitener will work on teeth that have had dental restoration.

Timberline Family Dentistry proudly offers a two-part whitening take-home tray system. The first part involves an office visit so we can take an impression of your teeth. Drs. Goodman and Young will fabricate the whitening trays with your dental impression. We will include a professional whitening gel.

You will apply the professional whitening gel to your custom-made whitening trays. You will put your tray in for the allotted amount of time the doctor advises, and in just a few days, your teeth will be four to eight shades whiter.

Call Timberline Family Dentistry now at 303-646-3940 to see whether this affordable, time-effective solution will help you obtain that bright white smile you deserve.