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Elizabeth Mouth Guards

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Timberline Family Dentistry- Mouth Guards

If your child is involved in contact sports it is recommended that they use a custom made mouth guard for tooth protection. Contact sports can get ugly and aggressive, and it is important to take every measure possible to protect your child’s smile.

What is a Mouth Guard?

A mouth guard can also be referred to as a sports guard since that is a very common use of them. Mouth guards are used to as a protective barrier for teeth, especially when there is a possibility of intense contact. Heavy contact with teeth can result in cracks, breaks, and even missing teeth. To avoid emergencies it is best to protect your teeth with a mouth guard. To make the process more fun, we have an option of clear or colored guards!

Mouth guards are easy and quick to make, being ready within only two appointments. In the first appointment, an impression of the teeth that require protection is taken and made into a mold. Once the mold is ready it is used to make a custom rubber retainer-like appliance that can protect the teeth against contact. The second appointment is a quick fitting of the guard.

Night Guards

Here at Timberline Family Dentistry we also offer the people of Elizabeth an option to possess a night guard. Just as the name says, this guard is to be worn during the night when it is common to subconsciously grind your teeth. Grinding of teeth is very damaging to the chewing surfaces and can severely break them down. It can also cause cracks and chips in teeth depending on the intensity of the grinding.

Wearing the rubber guard will create a barrier for your teeth so they don’t cause damage. The chewing surfaces of our teeth do the most for us and it is important to keep them strong and healthy.

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If you require a mouth guard for any reason please give us a call! It is our goal to help you protect your teeth and keep them healthy in every way possible so that they can function for you. Mouth guards are a great way to increase tooth safety for everyday activities!