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Dental Implants Process

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Dental Implants Process: What to Expect

Dental implants are by far one of the best ways to replace a tooth in the modern world. Long-lasting and incredibly durable, this option is a great one for those who want to ensure that they can ignore their tooth once the procedure is completed. But what exactly can you expect from this sort of treatment and what is the timeline for it? Let’s take a look at the dental implants process to give you an idea of how this all works.

What To Expect?

While dental implants are a good choice for those who want to replace a missing tooth, the procedure itself can sound rather intense before you go through it. The implant will be set into your jaw bone, and this means that the dentist will need to use special tools to create a hole that will provide a secure mount. This can be achieved painlessly through the use of an anesthetic, though this will usually be localized and you will be awake throughout the procedure. Thankfully, most patients go through the dental implants process without experiencing discomfort.

How To Prepare

As with any dental procedure, it makes sense to prepare yourself to go through the dental implants process. Some people will need to take a course of antibiotics before they can have an implant, while others will need work done on their jaw to ensure that it is strong enough for a dental implant. This makes it a good idea to visit your dentist and have them check your teeth and jaw before you go through the dental implant process. You should always avoid eating for a few hours before going through a procedure like this to ensure that you get the right dose of anesthetic.

Dental Implants Process Timeline

While the dental implant process can differ slightly from practice to practice, you can expect them all to follow a roughly similar timeline.

  • Initial Appointment: You will go through an initial appointment to assess your jaw and teeth, ensuring that you are suitable for a dental implant.
  • Preparation: Your dentist will work to have your implant made, preparing themselves for the procedure before you arrive.
  • The Procedure: The procedure that you will go through for your dental implants will involve creating a hole for the new artificial root to go into, followed by adding the implant with a series of specialized tools.
  • Aftercare: Finally, once your implant is installed, you will be free to leave and go about your normal life. Your dentist will check on you to make sure that your implant has gone well, and you may need an additional appointment to check everything.

As you can see, the dental implant process can be almost entirely painless. This makes it a good option for just about anyone looking for a replacement tooth, and Timberline Family Dentistry is here to help if you ever need the procedure for yourself. We serve patients across Elizabeth, Colorado, providing dentistry to families and individuals alike.