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Elizabeth Gum Disease Treatment

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Gum Disease Treatment

Thousands of people in America suffer from gum disease. Gum disease, also referred to as periodontal disease, is often the result of poor oral hygiene and is detrimental to oral health.

At Timberline Dentistry in Elizabeth, CO, our dental professionals help patients restore their beautiful smiles every day. When it comes to gum disease, it is critical to find treatment as soon as possible. Dr. Goodman and Dr. Young provide effective gum disease treatment in Elizabeth, CO, to help patients protect their oral health.

Common Signs of Gum Disease

There are varying stages of gum disease that are determined by severity. The first stage is gingivitis, which can be hard to detect. Signs of gingivitis include swelling or redness of the gums, bad breath, or bleeding gums.

Although gingivitis is a mild form of periodontal disease, it is essential to seek gum disease treatment in Elizabeth, CO, right away to prevent the infection from spreading.

Advanced gum disease is known as periodontitis. Indications of periodontitis include:

● Severe swelling or redness
● Oozing of fluid or pus
● Loose teeth
● Pain while eating
● Increased sensitivity to cold foods

What Causes Gum Disease?

Poor oral hygiene practices are the primary cause of gum disease. Other habits like smoking can also affect the soft tissue of the gums.

Ultimately, plaque and tartar buildup is what leads to gum disease. Without proper hygiene habits, plaque and tartar stick to the teeth and migrate under the gum line, leading to infection.

Other health conditions can also lead to periodontitis. For example, pregnancy and menopause can make the gums more sensitive due to changing hormones. In addition, illnesses like diabetes and HIV can make the mouth more susceptible to gum disease as a result of a limited immune response.

What Are the Options for Periodontal Treatment?

No matter what stage of gum disease you are experiencing, it is essential to treat it as soon as possible. There are various options for gum disease treatment in Elizabeth, CO.

In general, periodontal treatment aims to prevent the infection from spreading while restoring the teeth and gums. For the early stages of gum disease, our dentist will use scaling and root planing to remove the plaque and tartar. In many cases, you can reverse the effects of gingivitis with a professional dental cleaning and improved oral hygiene practices at home.

Periodontitis often results in more severe tooth and gum damage. In this case, periodontal treatment can include tooth extractions, tissue grafts, or dental implants. Our dentist will perform a thorough evaluation to determine the severity of a patient’s gum disease and the best course of action for treatment.

Gum Disease Treatment in Elizabeth, CO

Gum disease can quickly spread from a mild case of gingivitis to severe tooth decay. Finding gum disease treatment in Elizabeth and Durham, CO, as soon as possible will help minimize damage.

Timberline Family Dentistry in Elizabeth offers treatment for every stage of gum disease. Call us at 303-646-3940 to schedule an appointment.