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VIVOS System – Curing Sleep Apnea

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VIVOS System – Curing Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is unfortunately a common problem for many adults and children that prevent getting a good night’s sleep. Here at Timberline Family Dentistry, you and your family’s health is our main priority, so we make it our goal to provide the necessary resources to make that happen.

Before new technology was created, sleep apnea was an issue that had to be treated with a CPAP machine being used for life. With recent discoveries and innovations, it has been found that general dentistry can help with preventing and curing sleep apnea.

VIVOS System

VIVOS is providing a new way of dealing with OSA (obstructive sleep apnea), for patients who don’t want to use the traditional help by using a CPAP machine. OSA is usually caused by the underdevelopment of the upper and lower jaws during the development stages in childhood. This underdevelopment usually blocks the airway from letting air flow properly while sleeping.

In searching for efforts to help people suffering from sleep apnea they discovered that there is a way to nonsurgically move the palettes of the mouth creating more space for airflow using a DNA appliance (daytime nighttime appliance).

DNA Appliance

The appliance is custom made to fit your mouth with a similar structure to the orthodontic retainer
Similar function to a retainer, the DNA appliance is used to place constant force on teeth moving them in a way to open the airway for easier breathing.
Unlike the CPAP machine has to be used every night for a lifetime, DNA appliance is worn during the evening and the night time for 12-24 months to create movement.

Nonsurgical way to open the airway also helps improve tooth alignment and facial structure could help straighten your smile.


If you are in Elizabeth, CO, and are dealing with the struggles that come with sleep apnea we believe that your life would benefit from using the DNA appliance. Here at Timberline Family Dentistry, we would love to help you and your family prevent and cure sleep apnea. Give us a call or make an appointment to take advantage of this new opportunity!!