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Dental Night Guards in Elizabeth, CO

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Dental Night Guards in Elizabeth, CO

At Timberline Family Dentistry, Drs. Matthew Young and Aaron Goodman strive for comfortable yet effective patient experiences. Dr. Goodman takes pride in reinventing smiles with cosmetic treatments, while Dr. Young channels gentle and holistic approaches to oral care. Working together, they assist a wide variety of patients in achieving excellent oral health.

However, Timberline Family Dentistry prioritizes preventive treatments that lessen a patient’s time in the chair. Among people with the common issues of nighttime teeth grinding, Drs. Goodman and Young suggest dental night guards in Elizabeth, CO.

Who Requires a Mouth Guard?

If you frequently start your day with headaches or pain in your mouth, it can signal that you suffer from bruxism. Bruxism occurs when you clench or grind your teeth at night.

Usually, this action results in teeth shifting and a rapid breakdown of tooth enamel. Nighttime grinding, routinely placing around 250 pounds of pressure on your teeth, can also contribute to more severe complications, including:

● Chipped or broken teeth
● Jaw disorders
● Heightened tooth sensitivity or pain

Upon noticing these symptoms, talk to the dentists at Timberline Family Dentistry about dental night guards in Elizabeth, CO.

What Does a Mouth Guard Do?

Doctors consider wearing a night guard the most effective bruxism treatment. These cured and durable plastic guards, also known as nocturnal bite plates or bite splints, deter contact between the upper and lower rows of teeth. They also relax joint muscles and alleviate jaw pain while the teeth remain separated.
What Are the Types of Night Guards?
The type of night guard necessary when looking for dental night guards in Elizabeth, CO, heavily depends on a patient’s level of bruxism.

 Soft night guards: As the cheapest and most comfortably fitting, a soft night guard is a common choice. However, chewing the non-durable material shortens its lifespan to around six months.
 Dual laminate night guards: This bite guard assists heavier grinders with a tougher exterior. While it takes more time to get used to this bulkier guard, it’s more resistant and has a longer lifespan.
 Hard night guards: This acrylic guard helps patients with extreme cases of bruxism and temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Although this guard is the most expensive and bulky choice, it’s also the most resilient dental night guard in Elizabeth, CO.

Timberline Family Dentistry

For assistance finding the right night guard or other dental procedures, count on Timberline Family Dentistry. We specialize in everything from routine oral care to restorative treatments, including:

 Dental exams and cleanings: Your dentist will examine your teeth for cavities, gum recession, and other imperfections. Then, they’ll remove tartar and plaque before polishing your teeth with a fluoride paste.
 Oral cancer screening: If you’re at high risk for oral cancer, your dentist will check your lips, gums, and tongue for abnormalities.
 Dental fillings: With some numbing gel, your dentist will remove decay and fill the sensitive hole in your teeth.

To learn more about our dental night guards in Elizabeth, CO, and our other dental procedures, contact us at 303-646-3940 today!