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Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

At Timberline Family Dentistry, our compassionate dynamic dental duo understands the need to have a confident, beautiful smile. We aspire to improve your oral health and self-esteem so you can proudly show off your gorgeous ivories.

Have you lost that loving feeling when it comes to smiling? Do you dream of a beautiful, brighter smile? Cosmetic dentistry can transform and drastically enhance your entire smile.

A smile is typically the first thing you notice on someone. It’s the thing you try to hide if you feel self-conscious. We base our recommendations for cosmetic procedures on two items: aesthetics and whether your teeth and gums are healthy.

If you want to improve your smile and boost your confidence, speak with Dr. Goodman or Dr. Young during your appointment to discuss all of your cosmetic options.

Common Cosmetic Dental Problems:

Stained or yellow teeth – Stained teeth or yellowing of your teeth can happen even if you have excellent dental health. Stains accumulate over time. These yellowing stains come from coffee, soda, nicotine, wine, and various other discoloring agents. Yellowing/stained teeth are a common cosmetic issue.

Chipped teeth – A chipped tooth can happen anytime. Commonly, a chipped tooth is caused by an injury or biting into hard foods. One minute you are enjoying a tasty treat, and the next, your apple is holding a piece of your tooth.

Broken teeth – Considered a dental emergency, a tooth fracture can cause pain and become problematic. Contact our office right away if your tooth becomes broken.

Missing teeth – If you find yourself missing a tooth, it’s time we found the perfect one for you. A missing tooth can cause bite problems and shifting of the remaining teeth. Your teeth are meant not to shift.

Crooked teeth – These teeth are misaligned. Genetics, oral habits, and malnutrition are several of the reasons teeth begin to shift. Children, teens, and adults experience this issue. If you notice your child’s teeth are growing crooked, make an appointment today.

Gaps between teeth – Is a gap in your teeth causing you not to put your best smile forward? We have several cosmetic options to help close the gap between a timid smile and one that lights up a room.

At Timberland Family Dentistry, we offer myriad cosmetic dental procedures to create the smile you deserve.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures:

 Teeth whitening – You will see an immediate difference in your smile. Professional teeth whitening is a fast, effective, and affordable method to brighten up your smile.
 Dental crowns – These restore weak, decayed, or broken teeth and offer a natural look for those who need to have other dental procedures, like root canals.
 Porcelain veneers – Veneers have multifaceted cosmetic uses. They can close the gap between your teeth, offer a more uniform look, and brighten up your smile.
 Dental bridges – Missing teeth cause your mouth not to function correctly. This procedure is a great way to restore functionality while restoring your smile.
 Cosmetic periodontal surgery – Do you feel like your smile shows too much or too little gum? Our dedicated dentists can surgically fix gummy smiles.

Call our dedicated office professionals at Timberline Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment to discuss all of your cosmetic dental needs.

The smile of your dreams awaits.