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Elizabeth Dental Implants

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Implant Dentistry in Elizabeth, Co

We, at Timberline Family Dentistry, are here to make any adjustments to your teeth that will help you feel more confident with your smile. One of the most common restorative dentistry options that we recommend and provide, that is guaranteed to give you a more confident smile, is implant dentistry in Elizabeth, CO.

Usually, the people that benefit the most from implant dentistry are people that are missing teeth and want to fill in their empty spaces. The procedure of obtaining a dental implant can take 3-6 months to be completed, but that’s because this long-lasting solution to missing a tooth has many different steps.

Placing the implant is done surgically by placing screws into your jaw bone that will act as the securing part of the implant. After taking the necessary time for your jaw to heal, a custom made tooth will be created for a long-lasting placement. While waiting for the  tooth, the dentist will give you a temporary tooth that enables you to eat and speak as normal. Once your new tooth is ready and your jaw is healed, the replacement tooth will be placed and the empty spaces in your smile will be filled!

Implant Benefits

Implants last for a long time with proper oral care and general 6-month cleanings. There are other options to filling in the empty spaces in your mouth such as dental bridges, but with dental implants, no other teeth have to be involved in holding the tooth in place.

Artificial teeth made custom for you from size to coloring, it is our top priority to give you an implant that is strong and that fits in well with your other teeth.

Mini Implants

We want to have the people of Elizabeth, CO to have all options available to them when making a dental restoration decision. For this reason, we, at our office, also give the option of mini dental implants.

Just as regular implants, mini implants have a lot to offer and have many of the same benefits. These smaller implants are used when the missing tooth that needs to be replaced is in a smaller area and couldn’t fit a regular-sized implant. Upper and lower dentures frequently use mini implants to be held into place. After a consultation, your dentist will know whether or not you could benefit from a mini implant.

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If you’re missing teeth and would like to make your smile complete again, come in and speak with us about dental implants in Elizabeth, CO and what could be right to you! Having you feel fully confident in your smile is our main goal!